Automatic Feeder / Unloader

Automatic feeder or unloader for rigid pieces.

  • Possibility of operating as a feeder or unloader according to needs.
  • Transport on input table through conveyor belts with adjustable speed
  • Variable input table inclination
  • Transport of the material by suction cups and lifting the material
  • Automatic stack drop
  • Automatic working
  • Frontal access for material collection
  • Optional   
    • Centering system mounted after or before the table (depending on configuration)

Mod. 60x60
Mod. 70x100
  • Maximum format
  • 60x60 cm
    70x100 cm
  • Minimum format
  • 20x30 cm
  • Working Height
  • 90 cm
  • Maximum height stack
  • 60 cm
  • Maximum weight stack
  • 600 Kg
  • Production
  • 400 pieces/h
    400 pieces/h
  • Power
  • 1.7 Kw
    1.7 Kw
  • Voltage
  • 400 V III
  • Dimensions
  • Length
    1340 cm
    1400 cm
    Width1200 cm
    1230 cm
    Height1350 cm

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    Turn over machine

    Machine for turning rigid pieces 180 degrees

    • Turn in line.
    • Transport through conveyor belts with adjustable speed
    • Damping of movement at the reception and delivery
    • adjustable turn speed independently for the delivery and return
    • Available width: 50 cm, 70 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm
    • Maximum piece thickness: 4 mm
    • Power: 0.36 Kw
    • Tension: 220 V | 400 V III +N +T

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    Rotate 90

    giro90 Machine to rotate pieces 90 degrees against vertical axis, using a platform

    Can be assembled with positioning system before rotation, after rotation, or in the same working station.

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    Rotates rigid pieces against vertical axis using a grip, allowing the needed degrees

    • Transport using rollers, with adjustable speed.
    • Maximum thickness of piece: 10 mm
    • Automatic working, with no-rotation switch
    • Optional
      • Positioning system before rotation
      • Positioning system after rotation

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    Buffering Machine

    Buffer for rigid pieces. It allows the delivery of the piece to the next working station, or accumulates in case this is not possible filling the buffer. A signal is emitted when it will be filled in order to fill it with the pieces in the process.

    • Buffer to be assembled on a manufacturing line.
    • Working as FIFO buffer.
    • Separation of pieces: 30 mm
    • Standard capacity: 20 pieces
    • Maximum thickness of pieces: 4 mm
    • Transport through conveyor belts with adjustable speed

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    Titling table

    Mesa Basculante Tilting table for TLV and TSV production lines and others, for handling large sheets of glass

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