Used Machines
NS 140 ELUV machine.

Machine for exhibition, one body assembled, with sheet extractor and UV curing, with a printing format of 60x40 cm.

  • Stainless steel suctioning table.
  • Printing and inking stroke speed adjustable independently.
  • Adjustable printing stroke.
  • Removable squeegee and squeegee-blade without changing pressure.
  • Off-contact device variable in height and pressure.
  • Micrometric recording system moving the suction table +/- 10 mm, with all frontal commands.
  • Printing height from 0 to 1 cm.
  • Variable take off time from 0 seconds.
  • Voltage 400 V III +N +T
  • Pre-suction and blowing of sheets with variable time (Blowback)
  • Working: manual (cycle to cycle), foot-lever extraction and automatic (using a variable timer).
  • UV drying with teflon conveyor with adjustable speed.
  • Forced gas exhaust.
  • 1 UV lamp.

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UV 1000 with input and output.

Machine from exibition, for UV drying of sheets, maximum wide 1000 mm.


  • Suction base.
  • Teflon conveyor belt
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Low temperature increase on the support.
  • Forced gases extraction
  • 120 W/cm lamp.
  • Input and Output.

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NS 150 NV Machine

Silkscreen printing machine used with glass sheets. It can be uses to print rigid sheets up to 70x100 format.


  • Precentering in the input table
  • Centering in the printing table
  • Transport using suction cups
  • Polyurethane belts in the output
  • Printer Head
    • Printing and inking speed adjustable independently.
    • Adjustable printing stroke
    • Removable squeegee and squeegee-blade without changing pressure on the screen.
    • Take off adjustable in height and pressure
  • Micromètric registration moving the screen / - 15 mm. ,with all commands in front
  • Height print from 0 to 2 cm.
  • Synchronized take off and adjustable from  0 seconds
  • Voltage 230/400 V III +N +T
  • Manual Working (cycle by cycle), and automatic with adjustable timer

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