Laminated glass machines
Train to laminate glass TLV Series

Main uses:

The train to laminate glass Series TLV are used mainly to produce laminated glass of high quality, for furniture, architecture, etc....

Main technical characteristics:
  • Adjustable and synchronous speed from 0.3 m/mint to 8 m/mint. (the speed of laminate is indicated, that varies based on the thickness of the glass to laminate).
  • Suitable for the manipulation of any commercial thickness of glass of 2 up to 19 mm
  • Folding tables for feeding and off-loading. Set of transport with folding arms from 0 to 85, with adjustable and synchronous speed with the rest of the installation
  • Positioning station. It has a slope with multidirectional wheels, which moves the glass to one side for the perfect alignment of the glass. It incorporates optical cells that in case of not being positioned an alarm warns the operator to make the correction
  • Transfer Unit. Transporter of variable wide, where is manually positioned the PVB films.
  • Heating zone and presses. Made with double camera of heat insulation, heating by radiation combined with forced air convection. It controls the temperature:
    • On maintenance position (minimum radiation)
    • by percentage selected from Control Panel when material is inside.

  • Presses. Rolling mill that by means of pressure controlled by independent proportional system, laminates glasses; it has a compensation system to prevent the hitof the vulcanized rollers of great diameter. Adjustable and synchronous speed of rollers
  • Clean Room. Build with panels of heat insulation in the zone of assembly and warehouse of PVB films.
  • Refrigerating warehouse. Cooled for the storage of the coils of PVB films.
  • Autoclave-car. Two mobile structures to stack and transfer laminated pieces to autoclave.

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